Everyone wants the best-looking smile. One of the things that contribute to a great smile is the color of your teeth. Most people strive for the whitest shade possible. There are many products available today that promise to whiten and brighten your teeth. Which one should you choose?

Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are also a good alternative if you do not want to go to a dentist or do not have a dental provider. You can find strips at most grocery or convenience stores. These strips come in different shades of white and different processing times. These strips can be a one-time use or used several times.

Toothpaste & Powders

Toothpaste or powders that promise many shades after one-time use are false. It is a process that takes time to progress to the shade you want. Most people are promised great results with these simple products are very disappointed. It is important to whiten teeth in sessions or slowly to prevent sensitivities or breakdown of enamel.

Baking Soda

For dramatic results, baking soda whitening does not work. Baking soda does a great job of cleaning surfaces and breaking down build-up on teeth. This may give the illusion of whiter teeth, however, does not actually work as great for people with very stained teeth or those looking for a dramatic difference.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Peroxide washes are similar to baking soda whitening. They are helpful, but they do not give most people the desired dramatic results you would hope for. The uncomfortable taste is not helpful or worth the whitening that one expects.

Professional Whitening

The fastest way to whiten your teeth is by going to a professional dentist and getting your teeth whitened using their technology. Going to a dentist can guarantee that you can communicate the level of teeth whitening you want. This method is recommended and is trusted by many, as there are people trained to perform this procedure.

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