Which Type of Braces is Right for Me?Teeth can be straightened in more than one way thanks to modern orthodontics, and many patients can choose from multiple options. Treatments vary in terms of time, discretion, cost, and more. Here are some of the top choices in each of these categories of braces to help you decide which might be best for you.

Full and Short-Term Braces

Most types of braces take about one to two years to finish straightening teeth, and a majority of patients need this level of treatment. However, some newer treatments are designed for less intensive bite correction. Six-Month Braces and Invisalign Express both fall in this latter category.

Discreet Braces

If you feel that discreet braces would serve your goals better than fully visible ones, suitable options are available. Invisalign is an obvious choice on this list. Certain altered bracket-based treatments, such as ceramic braces and lingual braces, may also meet your needs.

Low-Cost Braces

Metal braces, the traditional orthodontic treatment, remain available and can be fantastic for saving money. These braces also offer other advantages, including eligibility for all ages and the ability to straighten a broader range of bite irregularities than many discreet braces can.

Advancements in orthodontics have made it possible for many patients to have their teeth straightened in a way that matches their interests. An exam can determine your candidacy, and a discussion with our braces dentist can clarify how your choices compare to one another. You can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn more about orthodontics at our office.

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