Having crooked teeth straightened brings several benefits to patients who need it. A variety of braces are available for this purpose, and the results are permanent for patients of all ages. Here are some situations in which braces are a good option.

When Oral Health Problems Re-Occur

Many patients who have recurrent problems with cavities and gum disease are suffering from bite irregularities. This is because when teeth are crooked, they tend to harbor food particles and bacteria, and are more difficult to keep clean. After orthodontic treatment, patients in this situation may also save money on dental costs.

When Crooked Teeth Cause Discomfort

Teeth that do not fit together correctly often cause strain when patients bite down. Over time, this can result in TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. The discomfort is most likely to occur when patients bite down, such as when they are chewing.

When the Smile Is Affected

Crooked teeth are known for ruining smiles. For many patients, this is the biggest reason they seek braces. The cosmetic effects of treatment can be phenomenal, allowing patients to feel more confident about their appearance. In fact, these effects place braces among the most beneficial cosmetic treatments for many patients.

With numerous benefits for the teeth and gums, tooth braces are a wise investment in many cases. Besides metal braces, our orthodontist at Antoine Dental Center offers several discreet options, including Invisalign. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out which types of braces meet your needs.

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