What is the Best Age for Getting Braces?

Just as the right type of braces can vary between patients, so can the best age to receive said treatment. Depending on the types of bite irregularities involved and the rate of growth and goals of the patient, Dr. Nazari, dentist in Houston, may recommend getting treatment right away or waiting. Here is more about the best time to receive braces.

Early Orthodontics

Some children benefit from getting braces during childhood. For example, patients whose bite irregularities are inhibiting proper orofacial development should have those issues corrected as early as possible. Early treatment may also be recommended for children whose orthodontic issues are causing social problems.

Braces During Adolescence

For many patients, adolescence is the optimal time for orthodontic treatment. At this stage, permanent teeth have generally arrived, yet the jaws still are developing. Treatment tends to progress quickly, and patients benefit in terms of their social and orofacial development.

During Adulthood

Patients who did not receive braces during childhood or adolescence can still gain improvements in appearance and oral health from getting braces as adults. Treatment can take slightly longer than it does for younger patients, but the results are worth it. Furthermore, risks of tooth loss in later life will be reduced.

The best time to get braces varies with the individual. Ideally, all patients should have their orthodontic health assessed by the time they are seven years old. At a check-up with Dr. Nazari, provider of braces in Houston, you can find out whether you need braces and learn about your treatment options.

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