What Is Propel Orthodontics?Propel orthodontics make it easier for braces to straighten teeth, resulting in faster results for patients. The way Propel works is through alveocentesis, which essentially involves stimulation of growth in the tissues that hold teeth stationary. Below, you can read more about Propel and its benefits.

What Propel Does

Acceleration of bite correction with Propel is achieved by making small perforations in the alveolar bone surrounding teeth. This was once only done with surgery, which required a healing period afterwards. Propel is a simple procedure that eliminates the need for recovery and works with all types of braces. Depending on the patient, Propel may reduce total treatment time by half or more.

The Propel Instrument

Our dentist uses a patented handheld instrument to perform Propel treatments. Each session is performed with a new instrument tip, ensuring safety for patients. The instrument is also calibrated specifically for the individual and the bite corrections that they need.

Candidacy for Propel

About four out of five patients are candidates for Propel. Because Propel reduces orthodontic treatment time so much, it can be especially beneficial for patients who have severe bite irregularities. However, any patient is likely to prefer shorter treatment time when possible.
Propel is performed in short sessions and does not require patients to wear anything unusual during their braces treatment. Therefore, it can be a great choice with discreet braces, as well as more conventional options. Patients can contact our orthodontist to learn more about Propel treatment at our dental office.

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