What is Osteoperforation?

Osteoperforation is the practice of making small perforations in the bone that supports the teeth in order to speed orthodontic changes. In the past, similar effects were only achieved with surgery, which required a healing period. Propel, the method our dentist uses for making these perforations, can be combined with any type of braces for faster results.

What Propel Achieves

By making perforations in the alveolar bone, Propel causes the tissues to release large amounts of cytokines, or inflammatory molecules. The cytokines cause the bone to remodel much more quickly during braces treatment. In fact, treatment time can be reduced by half or more depending on the patient.

How Propel Is Performed

Patients receiving Propel visit our dentist for a short appointment at the beginning of orthodontic treatment. Our dentist applies local anesthetic and uses the Propel device, calibrated for the individual, to make small perforations in the gums. No recovery time is required, so Propel is very convenient for all patients.

Propel Eligibility

About eighty percent of patients can receive Propel with their orthodontic treatment. While patients with the most severe bite irregularities may benefit the most from Propel, other patients can also frequently use the process for an even faster route to a better, healthier smile.

The majority of patients can get Propel to reduce treatment time with metal braces, Invisalign and other orthodontics. At a consultation with our dentist, patients can learn more about the Propel process and find out if they are candidates for this treatment.

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