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What’s the big deal about gum disease?

Well, we are concerned about the appearance of your teeth and also the overall health of your smile. Gum disease can adversely impact both.

Here’s how it works: gum disease starts out as gingivitis, which can create discomfort, but isn’t too bad, really, and in this stage, it can be easily contained and reversed.

Puffy gums, excessive bleeding when brushing, and sensitivity at the gum line are all signs of gingivitis. Treatment for gingivitis is usually simple and can even be completed with a routine professional cleaning every 3-6 months.

However, by the time this condition progresses to periodontal disease, you could have teeth fall out of your mouth, and it might negatively impact your overall health, once the bacteria that causes gum disease gets into your bloodstream.

Get this: gum disease has been linked to heart and respiratory problems, as well as cancer.

Lucky for you, you will be in good hands if you ever encounter this condition. Our team has received the necessary training to treat every stage of gum disease. And our in-house periodontist, Dr. Eric Choudhury, has received years of advanced education in gum disease detection and treatment. In fact, he is one of only 4,000 periodontists in the entire United States.

As such, we have come up with some effective treatments that will vary according to your unique situation.

Scaling and Root Planing

Like we mentioned, we will need to look at your individual case before any treatment plan can be implemented. Still, scaling and root planing are normally the initial exercises we do for treating cases of gum disease.

Often called a deep cleaning, scaling and root planing reach way below your gum line to eradicate any buildup of plaque and tartar on the roots of your teeth.

Remember, it is this dangerous bacteria found in plaque that caused the infection and inflammation to begin with. As such, it will all have to go!

Don’t worry, we will make this a pleasant and pain-free experience, as much as possible. After we have applied a local anesthetic, will we perform a full cleaning that covers above and below the gum line.

This will help to control the infection and get you back in good shape.

Gum Surgery

If your gum disease has progressed to far, it may create pockets in your gums, where bacteria can settle. When this occurs, your teeth may become loose, and you may be at risk for losing them. At this stage, deep cleaning may not be sufficient on its own to get rid of the bacteria and plaque. Accordingly, we may recommend gum surgery.

Gum surgery may sound frightening, but with sedation, you can relax during your entire procedure. During the surgery, our skilled periodontist will carefully lift your gums to remove the tartar and disease in these periodontal pockets. After cleaning them out, he will gently put them back in place so that they will grow back around your teeth.

Come See How We Can Help!

If you think that you may have gingivitis or a more advanced periodontal disease, don’t put off your periodontal treatment. One way or another, we’ll restore the health of your smile.

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