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Around here, one of our specialties is restorative dentistry. That’s when we step in to restore your health if any problems should ever arise. You can bet we’ll be ready to jump in to treat a cavity with a simple filling, which will save your smile from more painful and expensive procedures down the road. We wouldn’t want to subject you to a root canal or an extraction unnecessarily!

Don’t get us wrong, prevention is always the preferred route. But statistics tell us that it is bound to happen to you over the course of your life. As such, discovering a cavity early enough to prevent further damage is the big thing for maintaining your good oral health.

Like we mentioned, fillings will fix you up in a hurry. You won’t have to beat yourself up about the decay for very long. As it happens, for decades, dentists have used a mix of mercury and other metals called amalgam for fillings. No one has ever disputed the effectiveness of such treatments. However, there have been numerous complaints about the metal itself, over the years. And there are good reasons for that.

For starters, amalgam is ugly and clashes against your otherwise white-colored teeth. Moreover, old-fashioned fillings can actually make your tooth more vulnerable to fracture and cause damage to the nearby healthy tooth structures in the long run. We bet you never considered that!

That’s why Antoine Dental Center now uses a newer, safer, and more aesthetically pleasing material for fillings: composite.

What is so special about composite? Composite consists of a blend of resins that lends itself well to the appearance of your natural teeth. With these fillings there won’t be any distractingly dark metallic splotches left to remind you of your cavity treatment.

They will look and feel like they actually belong in your mouth.

Besides being able to fill a cavity very discreetly, composite resin also has superior bonding properties that allow for much more durability.

It just makes sense to make the switch!

How Does It Work At Antoine Dental Center?

Getting a tooth-colored filling is easy. One of our cosmetic dentists will begin by numbing the treatment area. And if you are anxious about the procedure, we can offer sedation options to relax you right away.

Next, he will clean the cavity by removing the decayed tissue. Once the cavity has been cleaned, we will apply the putty-like composite resin material in thin layers. We will shape these layers to match the surface of your tooth.

Finally, We will harden the resin with a high-intensity light and polish it to match the sheen of your natural tooth. Once the filling is finished, it will blend seamlessly with the rest of your tooth. Because the light cures the composite dental fillings immediately, you can use it right away. You will recover quickly, possibly experiencing minor sensitivity and soreness that will go away in a day or two.

It couldn’t get much easier than that!

Restore Your Healthy Smile!

Our tooth-colored fillings are an important way of protecting and saving teeth that have already been damaged by a cavity.

If you have a cavity and need a dental filling, contact our Houston, TX dental office right away!

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