You may be old enough to remember the television show “The Six Million Dollar.”

For those of you who may not have seen this show, in the opening we learn that the main character, astronaut Steve Austin, was injured in an accident, but doctors are using the latest technology to keep him alive.

In a voiceover, we hear someone saying, “We can rebuild him … better, stronger, faster.”

We know that losing your teeth isn’t quite the same thing as nearly losing your life. Nevertheless, our team at Antoine Dental Center can help you restore your smile so that it is as good and as strong as before. (We don’t know how we could make it faster.)

If you have dentures or you are considering getting dentures, we encourage you to consider All-on-4 dental implants, too.

Getting Back To Your Roots

You may have heard of dental implants, but you may not know why dentists like them so much.

Implants are intended to replace the roots of your missing teeth. Your roots are the anchors that held your healthy teeth in your jawbone.

Your roots also helped your jawbone stay healthy, too. Whenever you bit into something, your teeth pushed into your bone and against one another. This stimulation encouraged new bone growth.

The growth kept your jawbone strong, and a healthy jawbone helps you maintain the shape of your face.

Dental implants serve a similar purpose. Implants stimulate your jawbone, so it will stay healthy. Implants also anchor your dentures so you can get the maximum benefit from having them in your mouth.

Get The Most From Your Dentures

Even the best dentures can only do so much on their own.

They are going to come loose from time-to-time. They may get pulled out while you are eating something crunchy or chewy. They can slip out while you are trying to tell a story or engaging in a friendly but spirited debate with a family member or friend.

In any case, you would prefer that your false “teeth” stay where they are supposed to be.

Wouldn’t it be great to go out to eat confidently that you could order and eat anything on the menu without worrying about losing your dentures?

Wouldn’t it be great to tell your favorite joke knowing that that punchline will be the punchline instead of your teeth coming out?

Wouldn’t it be great to know that your dentures will stay in no matter what is on your schedule for the day?

Think Strategically

If you’ve ever played the game Connect 4, then you know the object is to get four-in-a-row. It’s like a more advanced version of Tic-Tac-Toe.

You won’t get four-in-a-row before your opponent if you don’t pay attention to how the game is developing. In order to win Connect 4, you have to think strategically to win.

In a similar way, All-on-4 dental implants are the result of a strategic approach to teeth replacement.

To get the best results possible, you need a system that will hold your dentures securely in place and the stability to stay in place when you are eating, talking, laughing, or singing.

With All-on-4, two of your dental implants are placed vertically toward the front of your mouth. The other two implants are placed at an angle further back in your mouth.

This allows the implants to be secured in a stronger part of your jawbone, which means they will provide better stability for your dentures.

There are other benefits to using four implants, such as:

  • Lower Costs — By using fewer implants, you will save money compared to other implant options.
  • Faster Recovery — With fewer placements, your mouth can heal faster and your dentures can be placed quicker.
  • Long-Term Improvement — All-on-4 implants have proven to be an effective long-term solution for patients all over the world. After 10 years, the success rate for All-on-4 dental implants is between 94.8 and 98 percent.

Want More?

If you are concerned that four dental implants won’t be enough for you, we also offer All-on-6 dental implants.

This works by placing six implants (three on each side of your mouth) vertically to hold your dentures in place.

Fantastic ‘All-on-4’

A good team has to work together. That’s true for our dental staff at Antoine Dental Center, and it’s true for the dental implants we place for our patients who want to get the most out of their dentures.

The Six Million Dollar Man may have been a fictional character, but All-on-4 implants are a great example of how modern technology can make your dentures even better.

To find out if All-on-4 implants could work for you, schedule a consultation at our dentist office in Houston by calling 713-364-8990 or by filling out our online form.

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