Do you hate your smile? Patients come to us all the time because they hate their smiles. Although their teeth maybe otherwise healthy, there’s some aspect of their appearance which they dislike. Often these cosmetic defects are orthodontic issues such as gapped teeth or crooked teeth.

But even though you may hate your smile, you think adult braces are out of the question. They just seem like a pain. But you might be surprised to learn about many of the advantages of 6 month braces. So even if you’ve written off the idea of braces, read on to find out five reasons why you may want to consider 6 month braces!

Reason #1: You’re Too Busy for Traditional Braces

One of the most common reasons adults decline to undergo orthodontic treatment is that they’re simply too busy to deal with the hassle. We understand that you might have a million things on your plate to handle. You’ve got your job, your family commitments, and your social life. There’s simply no time left in the day to go orthodontist appointments.

But even if you’re extremely busy, six month braces could work for you. If you’ve considered traditional adult braces, maybe you were turned off by the fact that you’d have to spend two years wearing them. That’s a huge investment in time and effort. So doesn’t wearing them for only six months sound much more manageable?

Reason #2: You Just Want Your Smile to Look Better

Traditional braces are designed to realign all of your teeth. This can help you if you have problems with your bite or other serious issues with misalignment. Although this is beneficial to your health, it is a time consuming and potentially painful process.So what do you do if you only have a few cosmetic issues you want to improve? What do you do when you just want the gaps between your teeth closed, or have a few crooked teeth straightened?

Then you choose 6 Month Braces! Even though 6 Month Braces use the same technology as traditional braces, 6 Month Braces only realign the teeth visible when you smile. That makes for a faster and far more comfortable process.

Reason #3: You Want to Boost Your Self-Confidence

When patients come to us for adult braces, they often do so because they’re tired of hiding their smile. Sometimes they hide their smile behind their hand when they laugh or eat. Or they even get nervous when they have to speak to their work supervisor one on one; the whole time they just worry and wonder if their supervisor is looking at their teeth.

Wouldn’t it be great to finally put that lack of confidence behind you? We’ve treated many working professionals because they want to feel more confident about their smile. Lawyers who want to feel more confident in the courtroom, teachers who want to feel more confident in the classroom, and even athletes who want to feel more confident when speaking to the media. Does your confidence need a boost?

Reason #4: Your Social Life Could Benefit from a Smile Makeover

How does your smile perform in social situations? Numerous behavioral science studies have shown that your teeth, and your smile, is one of the first things that gets noticed about you. If you were to be on an exciting first date, what would your teeth say about you? Would they say that you were attractive and intelligent? Or would they make you look foolish?

If you were on that first date, you’d probably take great pains to dress nicely. You’d pick out a nice outfit and iron it to a crisp perfection. If you’re taking that much care in the appearance of your clothes, shouldn’t you do the same for your smile? 6 Month Smiles can makeover your smile and get you prepared for any social situation!

Reason #5: You Don’t Want to Spend a Fortune

Money, Money, Money. Lot’s of things in life come down to dollars and cents. If you’ve looked at traditional braces or cosmetic dentistry, maybe you think you can’t afford it. But country to popular belief, 6 month braces tend to be far less expensive than traditional braces. You don’t have to pay for that convenience! That means you can keep your wallet a little fatter while enjoying a brand new smile!

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