Hello again Houston! Welcome back to the ongoing dental health blog of the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX. Have you started making a list of your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Maybe you’re going to hit the gym a bit more frequently. Or maybe you want to starting reading for pleasure a little more.

For many Americans, having a more beautiful smile is on that list. At the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, we’re proud to offer many different cosmetic dentistry procedures which can reshape your smile into a beautiful reflection of your personality. In our last two posts, we’ve told you about two of our most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures: professional teeth whitening and smile makeovers.

Today, we want to tell you about one of our most affordable cosmetic dentistry procedures: dental bonding. Dental bonding an effective way to repair many different flaws such as cracked teeth, chipped teeth, misshapen teeth, discolored teeth, or close small gaps between your teeth. When most patients hear about dental bonding their first question is simple: what is dental bonding?

Dental bonding is a painless cosmetic dentistry procedure available at the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX. Sometimes called tooth bonding, dental bonding uses composite resin material made of plastic and glass to repair flaws in your smile. This material is that same as what we use in tooth-colored fillings, it’s safe material which matches the natural shade of your beautiful smile.

Dental bonding is a quick, outpatient procedure which only takes about an hour for each tooth we are repairing. It’s also a completely comfortable procedure. Unless we have to repair some tooth decay during your cosmetic dentistry procedure, we don’t even need to use local anesthesia to numb your mouth. But if you’re nervous about the procedure, we offer sedation dentistry at the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX. For dental bonding, most fearful patients prefer nitrous oxide sedation or oral sedation.

During a tooth bonding appointment, your cosmetic dentist will begin by preparing your tooth by roughening the surface of the tooth. We then place an adhesive solution onto your tooth to ensure that the composite resin stays in place on your tooth. Then we select a composite resin shade which matches the appearance of your other teeth.

After your tooth has been prepared for dental bonding, we mold the composite resin onto the surface of your teeth. The resin is shaped to cover flaws into your smile, such as filling a crack or chip in the tooth. The composite resin is then hardened into a durable form by using a high intensity light to dry it. We then shade and trim a little bit more to perfect the appearance of your tooth. Afterwards, we polish your tooth until it reaches a perfect sheen.

Dental bonding has an extremely quick recovery time. Many people have absolutely no symptoms after a tooth bonding appointment; others may say experience some minor sensitivity. Your cosmetic dentist at the Antoine Dental Center will advise you how to best recover from your cosmetic dentistry procedure. You’ll have to avoid certain dark-colored foods or drinks which can stain the composite resin.

After your tooth has healed, it will be somewhat resistant to stains. However, composite resin is much like your natural teeth in that certain foods or actives can stain it. Over time, you may notice stains on your composite resin if you drink coffee, eat berries, or use tobacco.

Dental bonding is an affordable cosmetic dentistry procedure, however it is not as durable or stain resistant as other dental restorations. At the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX, we also offer veneers which are more durable and resistant to stains than the composite resin used in dental bonding. Our cosmetic dentist will help determine which cosmetic dentistry procedure best fits the needs of your smile.

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