Do you have a damaged tooth from decay or trauma? Inlays and Onlays from Antoine Dental Center are restorative treatments that can be used for repair of molars damaged by decay or physical trauma. In many cases, these options are used for teeth that might be further compromised if traditional fillings were used. Both inlays and onlays involve placement of preformed composites or other substances into treated teeth, but they differ in terms of their size and the extent of their applications.


These are named for the fact that they are laid into, rather than over, teeth. These restorations are used for repairing damage on molars that is only within the cusps, or outer ridges, of the chewing surfaces. In some cases, damaged direct fillings are removed and replaced with indirect fillings.


These are similar to their inlay counterparts, except that they are larger, making them appropriate for repairing damage over a wider area. As their name suggests, these indirect fillings are basically laid over teeth. Damage on the cusps of rear molar chewing surfaces is treated with this option.Inlays and onlays are both potentially better-looking alternatives to amalgam fillings or metal crowns, and their durability supports tooth strength better and allows restorations to last longer than alternatives. Unlike traditional metal fillings, inlays and onlays from our Houston dental office do not expand and contract and will not place tooth structure at risk as a result. 

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