Incognito braces are a newer type of lingual orthodontics developed by technology leader 3M. As its name suggests, Incognito lets patients have their teeth straightened without anyone being able to tell. The patented brackets are not visible when used in the back of the top teeth, and other people are unlikely to see Incognito brackets behind the bottom teeth. Like other lingual braces, this treatment offers a number of major benefits, a standard treatment process, and broad eligibility criteria.


The crowning feature of Incognito is its lack of impact on the appearance of patients. As an alternative to Invisalign, Incognito offers even better discretion for the treatment of top teeth and comes close for the teeth on the bottom. In addition, the construction similarities between Incognito and traditional metal braces means that this treatment works well for more types of bite irregularities than Invisalign does.



Every patient has the treatment personalized to their needs by our provider of Incognito braces in Houston. In order for customization to occur, patients first visit our Houston Incognito braces dentist to have bite impressions, X-rays, and photos taken. Patients then return to our dentist to have their braces bonded in place. As treatment progresses, patients receive regular tightening sessions so that correction is completed on schedule. 

As a form of lingual braces, Incognito offers easier eligibility than Invisalign, and other types of clear braces do. In fact, most adults, teens, and children can receive this treatment from our provider of Incognito braces in Houston at Antoine Dental Center. However, candidacy is determined case by case, and some patients may not be eligible for Incognito if they have extensive overbite or underbite or if they have very small teeth.

The availability of Incognito from our dentist gives area patients one more option for having their teeth straightened discreetly. If Invisalign is not an option for you, Incognito likely will be thanks to its use of brackets and wires. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Houston orthodontist to find out if Incognito meets their needs. Call us at 713-497-1499 to schedule your appointment today!

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