How to Get BracesWhile every patient may have different orthodontic needs, patients can generally expect a similar basic treatment process. Getting straight teeth begins with a consultation, proceeds to getting braces put on, and ends with retainer wear. More about this process is below.

Consultation Before Braces

Before getting braces, you will receive a consultation to determine your needs and outline your options. During this visit, our dentist will explain how your options compare to one another and how they match your goals. Metal braces, ceramic braces and Invisalign are a few examples of choices you may have.

Start Bite Correction

After your treatment needs are established and you have chosen a type of braces, you will return to start treatment. If you choose a treatment that uses brackets, you will have the brackets bonded to your teeth and the wires attached. If you go with Invisalign, our dentist will give you your first aligners and instruct you on their usage.

Visit Again Regularly

Regular visits during braces treatment enables our dentist to help your treatment go smoothly and make changes if necessary. After your treatment is finished, you will be given retainers to wear. These plastic trays fit the shape of your new smile and keep the teeth from moving back to their old positions.

Getting dental braces will make your smile look better while improving your oral health and comfort at the same time. To find out more about orthodontics at our office, you can contact our orthodontist and schedule a consultation.

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