Like many other investments in long-term health, braces do often require budgeting. Treatment costs can vary significantly between patients, making an examination of price differences worthwhile before getting started. Here is a look at the cost of undergoing this treatment from Dr. Nazari.

Different Orthodontics Have Different Prices

Several types of treatments are available for many patients, and the type chosen will make a major impact on how much cost is involved. Metal orthodontics, for instance, tend to be somewhat cheaper than ceramic, lingual, and clear appliances. Furthermore, some patients require extra tools, such as expanders, for palatal growth, jaw movement, or other corrections. This will also tend to raise the total price.

With Different Goals, Prices Will Vary

Just as smiles are unique, so are the bite irregularities patients seek to have corrected. The types of bite irregularities patients may have impact the type and length of orthodontic treatment they need, as well as materials required. For some patients, treatment recommended to resolve tooth decay or gum disease before orthodontics can also be factored into the cost of getting straight teeth.

The sure way to find out what orthodontic care will cost at our office is to schedule an assessment from our orthodontist. This way, you can also find out which treatments are options for you. In most cases, patients can choose from a variety of possibilities, including conventional and newer, discreet orthodontics. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to get an estimate how much your treatment will cost.

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