How Much are Braces?The cost of braces varies among patients. Several factors determine the price, and only an exam and discussion of options can illuminate the cost an individual can expect to pay. However, the following look at factors may help give you an idea of the expense involved.

What Type of Braces Do You Want?

You may be able to choose between different orthodontics, and these options may vary in cost. Generally, metal braces tend to be the most affordable type. More discreet treatments, such as ceramic and lingual braces, can cost a bit more. Invisalign, which straightens teeth with aligners rather than brackets and wires, also tends to be more expensive. You may also encounter increased costs if you need extra appliances, such as palatal expanders.

How Much Treatment Do You Need?

Regardless of the treatment you choose, the time it takes to straighten your teeth will vary based on your needs. For the most minimal correction, six-month braces or Invisalign Express may be possible. The most complex cases can take upwards of two years. With longer treatment time, patients need more materials and more time at orthodontic appointments, resulting in greater costs.

Another potential factor in orthodontic costs is the need for extractions or other restorations before treatment. No matter which option you choose, you can count on this investment saving you money on dental costs later, as your risks of cavities and gum disease will be reduced. You can contact our orthodontist to learn about all of the orthodontic treatments offered at our office.

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