How Do Orthodontics Work for Me?

Orthodontic treatment is used to fix malocclusions and misalignments. If your bite is not aligned properly or your teeth are crooked, you could benefit from treatment. We can help you decide if braces or another type of treatment is right for you.

At your consultation, our dentists can diagnose your orthodontic problems and determine the best treatments for you. Orthodontics will work by gradually shifting your teeth into position. Whether you wear braces or clear aligners, the appliances will apply pressure to your teeth.

The pressure moves your teeth gradually, and the bone will adjust. The bone in the pathway of the tooth is broken down to make room for the tooth, and new bone will form to fill in the space your tooth once occupied. The periodontal ligament adjusts to properly support the tooth.

As the position of your teeth adjusts, your bite will improve. This creates a more balanced jaw. It can improve your oral health by making it easier for you to brush and floss. You might even find that it is easier to bite, chew and speak. With proper treatment, your teeth will function better, and they will look better.

Whether you choose conventional braces, clear braces or an aligner system, orthodontic treatment can transform your smile and improve your dental health. Good dental hygiene is essential during orthodontic treatment to keep your teeth and gums healthy and maximize your results regardless of the system you choose. Call today to learn more or to schedule your consultation.

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