Incognito is a special type of lingual braces made by 3M. While the placement and principles are similar to those of regular lingual braces, the structure of the braces is unique. Here is how the treatment works.

Bite Impressions and Customization

The first step towards Incognito is the taking of bite impressions, which are used to construct the Incognito brackets. These brackets are made of gold and shaped to match the inward-facing surfaces of the teeth.

Bonding and Wiring

Next, the Incognito brackets are bonded to the backs of the teeth and cured in place. Our dentist then threads these brackets with arch wires and tightens the wires appropriately. At this point, bite correction can start taking place.

Regular Appointments

At visits scheduled throughout treatment, patients return to have their arch wires tightened by our orthodontist in Houston. This tightening ensures that bite correction proceeds as planned. Finally, after a period ranging from one to two years for most patients, the process is complete and the braces are removed by our dentist.

The majority of patients in all age groups can receive Incognito as long as their teeth are large enough to support the brackets. At a consultation with our Incognito braces dentist in Houston, you can find out if you are eligible for this treatment.

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