How are Braces Put on the Teeth?Even if you are eager to start orthodontic treatment, you might still wonder what it will be like to have braces put on your teeth. The procedure usually only takes an hour or two depending on the type of braces you are getting, and little to no discomfort is involved. Here is more about the procedure.

Preparation of Teeth

Getting brackets to stick to your teeth requires a clean, dry surface, so our dentist begins here. After the teeth are totally clean and dry, a small amount of acid may be used to etch the teeth so that the brackets will stay in place once attached.

Bracket Placement

Our dentist next puts bonding material on the teeth and positions the brackets precisely. If any extra bonding material is present, it is removed. Finally, our dentist cures the bonding material with a special light or a chemical agent.

Wire Insertion

The final step involves inserting the wire through the brackets. With conventional brackets, the wire is then held in place with rubber bands placed over the brackets individually. Self-ligating brackets hold the wire in place on their own and do not require rubber bands.

If care is taken to avoid breakage, properly placed brackets can last throughout treatment without repair or replacement. Throughout treatment, patients return to have their wires tightened. These visits may also provide a chance to choose new colors of rubber bands. To learn more about how braces are placed at our office, you can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist at Antoine Dental Center.

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