We often hear about how important at home and professional dental care can be to achieve and maintain optimal oral health, but what about what we consume? Here are various foods you can consume daily to clean your teeth and improve your dental health naturally.


When it comes to eating celery, most people tend to complain about the pesky “strings” found in it. But did you know those strings can act as a natural dental floss? The crunchiness of the celery is also good for naturally scraping away leftover particles and bacteria in the mouth. Can’t brush your teeth after lunch at work? Pack a few pieces of celery!


Almonds are another naturally abrasive and crunchy food that can be great for cleaning debris and bacteria from your teeth. Almonds are also a great source of calcium and protein which are essential for optimal oral health. Looking for a healthy snack? Pack ¼ cup of almonds to bring along with you!


We’ve all heard how an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but did you know they can also naturally clean your teeth? The fibrous texture of apples helps remove debris, particles, and bacteria from the mouth and can also product saliva to wash it away. Pack a few slices in everyone’s lunches for a natural way to scrub their teeth after lunch.


Much like celery and apples, carrots are crunchy and extremely fibrous making them an excellent snack to naturally clean teeth. Eating carrots can also increase saliva production in the mouth, assisting in washing down particles and bacteria and reducing your risk of cavity formation.


Yogurt has been back in the spotlight quite a bit lately due to its numerous “health benefits” courtesy of probiotics (a beneficial kind of bacteria), calcium and protein. Protein and calcium are essential for optimal health, and the probiotics found in yogurt can actually reduce the “bad” cavity-forming bacteria in your mouth. We recommend selecting a no sugar added option to ensure it is as healthy as it can be.


While water is not a “food,” it is necessary for our oral and overall health. Water is a sugar-free, calorie-free option that can help remove debris, particles, and bacteria from the mouth. We recommend drinking a glass after each meal (including snacks) to reduce your risk of decay and naturally clean your smile.

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