Some things that we will be discussing may be very loosely defined as “emergencies.” However, some of these things really are an emergency and must be addressed right away, or serious troubles can be developed.

Cut, or Bitten Lip, Tongue, or Cheek

This is one of those things that maybe our children will think is a serious emergency, but when it comes to their overall health, is something that can be dealt with quickly and will heal very soon. However, at the moment, it may very well feel like an emergency to everyone involved.

If you or your child have a cut lip, tongue, or cheek and it is bleeding, it can become serious depending on the severity. Apply pressure with a clean cloth or gauze. You should also apply ice to any bruised area. If the bleeding cannot be controlled within about 20 minutes using simple pressure, then the case may very well be serious, and you should seek medical attention promptly.

Knocked out, or Broken Permanent Tooth

This situation is not life-threatening, but when it comes to the future of your smile, it is indeed an emergency, and prompt action must be taken. You may wash the tooth, but do not handle it unnecessarily and do not handle it by the root portion. Try to put the tooth back into place and hold it there using a clean cloth or gauze. If it is not possible to put the tooth back into place, then you can carry it in a jar of milk or water. You must see the dentist right away; a tooth can still be saved if you rush to the dentist sooner rather than later.

If the tooth is chipped or broken, rinse any dirt off of the broken fragments and apply a cold compress to the injured area. Time is of the essence in this situation as well. Hurrying to the dentist can mean saving your tooth.

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