There is no question that Invisalign is one of the most popular orthodontic treatments available today. However, treatments should be assessed in terms of effectiveness in every case, and Invisalign is no exception. Here is an overview of how effective Invisalign is in the ways that matter.


Discretion is easily the major selling point of Invisalign, and the treatment definitely succeeds in this respect. The clear Invisalign aligners are far less visible than treatments that use brackets and wires. Kept clean, the clear plastic is completely transparent and difficult to see in any light from any angle.

Straightening Teeth

As with other orthodontics, the goal of Invisalign is to correct bite irregularities. Fortunately, Invisalign is also generally very effective at this, as well. Most issues that metal braces can correct can also be addressed with this treatment. In fact, Invisalign usually works in less time overall.

Protecting Oral Health

Invisalign, like other treatments, results in teeth that are less prone to oral health problems. However, during the process of bite correction, Invisalign is actually better for the teeth and gums. This is because the aligners can be removed for brushing and flossing, allowing for total access to all areas of the mouth.

Most patients in age groups from adolescence onward are eligible for Invisalign. Effectiveness for individuals does vary, but this can be determined accurately with an exam. You can schedule a consultation with our Invisalign dentist to find out if you are a candidate for this treatment.

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