Different Options When Getting BracesToday, patients are likely to have multiple options when they pursue braces. These include treatments that are less obvious and uncomfortable than metal braces, the old-fashioned standard. Here are key details on the most popular orthodontic choices today.

Clear Braces

The most popular example of clear braces is Invisalign. Nearly all orthodontic issues are correctable using clear braces, so most adults and teens are candidates. Not only are these braces amazingly discreet, but they also are more comfortable than braces that use brackets. Many patients also appreciate the faster results that clear braces offer.

Discreet Braces With Brackets

Several treatments use brackets, but manage to be more discreet thanks to special materials or placement. For example, ceramic braces use tooth-colored brackets rather than metal ones. Self-ligating braces, a type of ceramic orthodontics, also use smaller brackets and let the wires move freely. Lingual braces are also discreet because they are placed on the backs of teeth, not the fronts.

Traditional Metal Braces

These braces may not be discreet, but they are the most versatile treatment and often the most affordable. Patients of all ages can receive metal braces, which are the most adept at correcting severe orthodontic issues.
If your teeth are crooked, you may be able to have them straightened in a variety of ways. Innovations in recent years have expanded options far beyond metal braces. By scheduling a consultation with our dentist you can learn more about all of your orthodontic treatment options.

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