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Today we want to talk about a certain kind of dental emergency: when a tooth, or multiple teeth, become dislodged. We aren’t talking so much about the times when the affected teeth can be saved, but rather when they can not. This is all too often the case. In fact, by all accounts, up to 70% of the adult population in the U.S. is missing at least one tooth. That’s a staggering figure, right?

Let’s get something straight: adult tooth loss is traumatic, no matter how it happens. Until you find a way to treat it, your health will suffer, and you won’t look or feel like your old self. It can be downright discouraging.

Around here, we have plenty of folks who can help you pick up the pieces and put your life back together. Our team of highly-skilled implant dentists has received hundreds of hours of education and advanced training in order to be able to provide this permanent solution for your missing teeth. You’ll be happy to know that we use the latest dental technology to plan the implants treatment that is right for you.

We firmly believe that a dental implant is your best restorative solution for a missing tooth. Here’s why:

It’s Easy

This is a pretty basic surgical procedure that involves a two-step process. Your implant will be inserted and allowed to fuse into place. After sufficient healing, a crown will be placed. And then, you will be all set to get on with your life. Only now, you won’t have to be embarrassed about anything!

Implants Improve Your Looks

A restoration is ought to blend in with the rest of your smile, and a dental implant form our office makes that happen! The stunning crown we place over the implant will look totally natural, to the point that no one will ever know you’ve experienced tooth loss as an adult.

They Feel Natural

No other solution will be as comfortable as a dental implant. You will actually feel normal again. Our implant and crown combination are designed to feel so much like your natural tooth that you’ll probably forget you had to replace any at all.

Implants Bring Back The Bite Power

You will have a real biting force like before you lost any teeth. And you can go back to eating the foods you love, and the ones that keep you healthy! Your implant will be totally secure because it will bond directly to the jawbone. You can eat and smile with confidence.

See If It Is Right For You!

Dental implants are a great way for you to get the life-changing restoration you need.

Contact us today to set up an implant consultation appointment. You won’t regret it!

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