Dental Care While Wearing BracesRisks of dental problems rise during orthodontic treatment because braces can trap food particles and plaque. With enough focus on oral hygiene, however, this risk can be managed. Here is what you should do to keep your teeth healthy while you wear braces.

Brush Correctly and Frequently

A soft-bristled toothbrush is best in general, but it is especially important during orthodontic treatment as it’s gentle on the brackets and wires. In addition to brushing your teeth at night, you should brush after meals to eliminate any food that becomes stuck around your braces. Be sure to brush from multiple angles to reach the areas behind the brackets and wires.

Floss Every Day

Flossing does become more complicated when you have braces, but its benefits outweigh the time it takes. A floss threader can be used to quickly get the floss behind the wires. With the exception of this special step, the flossing process remains the same as ever.

Get Check-Ups Regularly

You should continue to have your teeth examined and cleaned at our office on a regular basis during orthodontic treatment. If any problems are found, our dentist can suggest and schedule treatment. Our dentist can also make recommendations on oral hygiene if necessary.

Oral hygiene can vary with orthodontic treatments. For example, Invisalign has removable aligners, so the acts of brushing and flossing can be performed as usual. To learn more about keeping your teeth and gums healthy while you wear braces, you can schedule a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Nazari.

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