During orthodontic treatment, heightened risks of oral health issues make dental hygiene more important. This is especially true with braces that require brackets bonded to the teeth. Here is a short guide to keeping your teeth and gums healthy while you wear braces.

Brush More Often

In addition to brushing twice per day, you should also brush after meals. This is because food and bacteria stick around more easily during orthodontic treatment. Extra care, such as brushing at an angle around brackets, is important for maximizing plaque removal.

Floss Every Day

Flossing becomes more challenging during orthodontic treatment, but it remains as important as ever. To use floss when you are wearing braces, you will need to thread the floss through the wires. You can also get floss threaders from our dentist to make this faster.

Get Regular Cleanings

Professional cleaning during orthodontic treatment is similar to a regular cleaning, but it must be performed with respect to brackets and wires, just like oral hygiene at home. Getting your teeth cleaned by our dentist will eliminate more plaque than you can clear away with a toothbrush and floss. Furthermore, you will gain a new, clean baseline from which to work more easily on your own.

Keeping your teeth clean requires extra diligence when you are wearing braces, but the effort is essential. When your teeth are finished with treatment, it is important for them to be healthy as well as straight and comfortable. You can schedule a consultation with our braces dentist to learn more about caring for your teeth during orthodontic treatment.

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