Having teeth straightened can reduce lifetime dental costs by decreasing oral health risks. Before patients can enjoy the results of braces, however, they do face some level of investment. The investment size can vary with the individual, but a look at the relevant factors can give you an idea of what costs to expect.

How Crooked Are the Teeth?

Teeth that are more crooked tend to need more treatment. In addition to consuming more materials, the larger amount of treatment also requires more time at our office. This means that patients can often expect to pay more or less money for treatment depending on their bite irregularities.

What Treatment Do You Prefer?

Several treatments are used for straightening teeth today, and they can be quite different from each other in terms of construction and duration. The materials used to make some treatments, such as ceramic orthodontics or Invisalign, tend to be more costly than those used to make others, such as metal appliances. Moreover, some treatments require longer or more visits than others.

Are Extra Treatments Necessary?

Orthodontic treatment alone is not always all that is necessary for straight teeth. Some patients need extra appliances, restorative treatments, extractions, or other care in addition to orthodontic treatment.

To find out how much orthodontics will cost for you, an exam must be performed. At this visit, patients can also learn about all of their treatment options. You can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist at Antoine Dental Center to further explore the factors that affect costs.

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