Children’s Dentistry

At Antoine Dental in Houston we provide several preventive and restorative treatments for young patients. Treated by compassionate staff in a calming atmosphere, children who visit our office can relax during appointments. By educating parents on the best ways of caring for the teeth and gums of children, our dentist helps improve oral hygiene at home so that kids can maintain health as they become adolescents and adults. Childhood is the prime time in the life of patients to create a strong foundation for long-term oral wellness. Children benefit from several focused treatment options considering their higher risk of oral health issues. Because children are only beginning to grasp the proper ways of caring for their teeth and gums, they are more likely to suffer from cavities and gum disease. In children with bite irregularities, oral health problems are even more likely to arise, making early orthodontic evaluation essential. Kids who play sports can receive custom mouthguards from our dentist so that their teeth are protected from damage.

Pediatric Dentistry Treatments

At our Houston dental office we offer multiple restorative options to better protect children from tooth decay and complications, such as gum disease. For example, our dentist cleans and polishes the teeth during routine check-ups to remove accumulated plaque and tartar before cavities develop. For high-risk patients, our dentist can apply dental sealants to prevent erosion by acidic foods and bacteria. Fluoride treatment is also available to strengthen and remineralize teeth when erosion is occurring. Whereas dental sealants can last for years, fluoride may be recommended for regular re-application to maintain effectiveness.

With regular check-ups at our office early in life, children can look and feel better to enjoy more confidence and stronger health as they grow. To schedule an appointment for your child, give us a call at 713-497-1499 today! We look forward to brightening your child’s smile.


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DDS, RPh (Founder)


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