“I’m too old for braces,“ you think to yourself.

“I don’t have time for braces, besides I don’t want to walk around with a metal mouth,” you say to to your spouse. The list of reasons to avoid adult braces continues to grow in your mind each day.

Yet you hate your smile. You hate the funny-looking gap between two of your teeth. You hate the fact that your teeth are crooked. You hate that you didn’t undergo treatment with orthodontics when you were younger. You hate hiding your smile when you laugh, talk, or even eat.

But what can you do? Traditional braces are out of the question. There’s simply no way you’re going to walk into work everyday with a mouthful of metal brackets and wires. How will anyone take you serious during your Monday meeting, or during your quarterly review?

Plus your daughter’s wedding is coming up quickly. You want that to be a happy day, and you want photos to capture all of those memories. What you don’t want is to look back in ten years and see a bunch of photos of yourself in metal braces. You just can’t have that.

You’re just about at your wit’s end, when you hear about an orthodontic treatment called Invisalign. You’ve heard it mentioned by some on your friends, and you know it’s supposed to revolutionize the way people straighten their teeth.

So you start to do a little bit of research about Invisalign. What you find shocks you a little bit. You quickly learn that Invisalign doesn’t use brackets or wires. There’s absolutely no metal! Instead you learn that your Houston orthodontist fits you for special aligners which gently straighten and realign your teeth.

You’re a bit excited about these aligners. You read reviews from patients who rave about the fact that aligners are nearly invisible in your smile. You think perhaps that could work for you, because then you wouldn’t have to have a ‘metal mouth’ when you go into work everyday.

That much sounds good, but you still dislike the idea of wearing them to your daughter’s wedding. Then you learn that Invisalign aligners are removable. Although you need to wear the aligners for around 22 hours a day, you read that it’s okay to remove them for special occasions. Well that takes care of your daughter’s wedding!

But can you really suffer through the dietary restrictions that come with braces? You remember when your daughter was in braces as a teenager. She couldn’t eat well-cooked steak, crusty bread, or even candy. You even had to take in her in for an emergency orthodontist appointment once when an errant bite of a sandwich got painfully lodged between the brackets of her braces.

You really don’t want to have to deal with those restrictions. You already told your daughter that you’d be having the steak at her wedding. What’s life in Texas without the occasional steak? But then you read something that pushes you just a little bit closer to Invisalign.

Invisalign won’t restrict your diet whatsoever! You can undergo orthodontic treatment and continue to eat all of your favorite foods! You learn that you just need to take out your Invisalign aligner before you eat or brush your teeth. That means Invisalign won’t infringe upon your daily activities.

But still you think that you simply might not have time to deal with an orthodontic treatment. Your daughter was in braces for two years and you simply can’t imagine undergoing orthodontic treatment for that long. Plus all the orthodontist appointments you had to go to with your daughter. They took forever!

Then you read that Invisalign is faster, and you’re really intrigued. You learn that most adults only have to wear their Invisalign aligners for about a year. Plus there’s fewer appointments! You could probably squeeze Invisalign into your busy schedule after all.

You’re about ready to schedule an Invisalign consultation right now, but you have one more big concern. Invisalign has got to cost a fortune right? There’s no way it’s nearly affordable as traditional adult braces. Then you read that the cost of Invisalign is fairly comparable to the cost of traditional adult braces.

That’s it! You’re done living with this silly smile that you hate. You’re ready to schedule an appointment at the Antoine Dental Center. So you pick up your phone and dial 713-364-8990. A friendly staff member answers and you’re finally on the path towards a new smile!

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