Many patients first get braces during adolescence, but braces are also commonly used during childhood. Kids tend to finish orthodontic treatment more quickly because their orofacial structure is not yet set. Below is more about the use of braces for kids.

Aesthetic and Oral Health Benefits

Kids benefit as much as other patients from the social benefits of a better smile, but their teeth and jaws can also be given a dramatic boost beyond what adults gain. Eliminating overcrowding promotes good orofacial development, and straightening the teeth reduces risks of gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

Multiple Options

Not all types of braces are open to kids, but most are. Metal braces, the traditional choice, are available for young patients, along with lingual and ceramic braces, which offer a degree of discretion. Invisalign is only an option for teens and adults at this time.

Additional Treatments for Some Kids

In some cases, one early treatment is not enough for the best lifelong results. Many kids do benefit from having an early course of braces, but some kids need another course of treatment later, such as during adolescence. This can vary with the types and severity of bite irregularities present.

Kids should have their orthodontic health assessed by age seven so that early treatment can be performed if necessary. Benefits arrive quickly, and dental costs may be reduced in the long term thanks to fewer oral health problems. Parents can schedule a consultation with our braces dentist to find out if their kids need orthodontic work and what their options are.

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