Braces Before and After

If you are interested in getting braces, you probably have an idea of what these treatments can do. However, seeing the results in photos can make the effects of orthodontics even more exciting. Here are some reasons to check out photos of smiles that have been straightened with orthodontic treatment.

See How Many Issues Are Fixed by Orthodontics

Several technical terms are used for types of bite irregularities, and you do not have to know all of them to appreciate orthodontic before and after images. You can probably recognize many of the most common issues, such as overbite, underbite, and overcrowding. Some of these problems may be similar to your own, giving you a better idea of what our orthodontist can do for you.

See How Well Specific Treatments Work

Many before and after pictures are available showing a variety of orthodontic treatments, including metal and lingual orthodontics and Invisalign. If you already feel that you would prefer one of these treatments over others, seeing the results others have enjoyed from that specific treatment may encourage you to find out if it would work as well for you.

Orthodontics offer a lifetime of improved appearance, comfort, and oral health, but some investment is required along the way. Before choosing a treatment to achieve your orthodontic goals, you can look at before and after pictures to see the benefits that can result. Contact Dr. Nazari and our team to schedule a consultation and find out about the orthodontic treatments that may be available to you.

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