Welcome to the Antoine Dental Center blog! In the Houston area, we have earned a reputation as heavy hitters when it comes to preventive and restorative dentistry. The truth is, we are a multi-specialty facility that offers a wide range of services, all under one conveniently located roof!

Our 5-dentist team has received enough advanced training to address all of your dental needs, but we just want to make it clear that this includes a wide array of cosmetic dentistry treatments, including dental bonding and porcelain veneers.

These two services are a great introduction and can do so much to boost the appearance of your smile.

Keep reading to hear more, and then follow up with us to schedule your smile makeover consultation! We’ll be ready to answer any questions about your upcoming visit, help you with financing options, and so forth.

Dental Bonding

You’ll be happy to know that dental bonding takes just one visit to our office, and it normally takes 60 minutes or less for each tooth. Bonding rarely requires anesthesia unless we use it for decay repair. That said, if you are nervous, we will be happy to ease your fears with one of our sedation options.

Here’s how it works: we first prepare the tooth by roughening the surface slightly. Then, we will put a solution on your tooth that allows the composite to stick. Next, we will make sure the resin shade matches your other teeth.

Then, we will mold and shape the resin onto your surface to cover the flaw and match your tooth. To harden it, he uses a high-intensity light, after which we will trim or shape it once more and polish it to a perfect sheen. Then you will be good to go!

Keep in mind that for the first few days after your procedure, you will want to steer clear of any foods or drinks that can stain the bonding.

Dental Veneers

No matter what your dental problems are, you will find that veneers are an extremely versatile cosmetic dentistry treatment that might just work for you.

Our veneers can be used to easily cover up stained teeth and badly damaged teeth in a painless, non-invasive kind of way. They are sort of like the false fingernails of the dental world.

Rest assured, Antoine Dental Center uses only the best veneer materials to give you up to 20 or so more years of gorgeous grins. In fact, our veneers look just like your natural tooth enamel, unlike the inferior materials many other cosmetic dentists in the region use.

This doesn’t mean, however, that you can slack off on your oral hygiene practices!

Once you have received your new smile with porcelain veneers or Lumineers veneers, our cosmetic dentist will provide you with instructions to keep them looking their best.

Get A Winning Smile!

Whether you opt for dental bonding or veneers, you’ll go home with a winning smile! To hear more about cosmetic dentistry options in the Houston-area, contact Antoine Dental Center right away!

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