For patients with crooked teeth, orthodontics offer improved oral health, appearance, and comfort. These benefits are the same at any age, but having treatment performed during a specific stage can be beneficial depending on the patient. Here are some things that affect the best time for braces.

Most Benefits Are Similar Across Age Groups

No matter how young or old orthodontic patients are, they can expect similar benefits. Some patients are more concerned with their oral health, smile, or comfort, but these improvements all arrive regardless of the timing of treatment.

Early Orthodontic Treatment

For kids, braces can offer more than the standard benefits. Bite correction in children is also frequently focused on guiding their future orofacial development. Not only does early treatment give kids a head start on direct benefits, but it may ultimately give them greater improvements as their teeth and jaws reach their full potential later.

Braces in Adults

Orthodontic treatment can take slightly longer in adults because their jaws are finished growing, and therefore more solidly set. Still, the results are permanent, and the popularity of braces among adults continues to increase. One particular benefit of braces for adults is that straight teeth are less likely to fall out later in life.

For patients whose bite irregularities are found during childhood, early orthodontic treatment can be beneficial. However, treatment can be worthwhile at any age, and adults also frequently seek braces today. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out about the benefits that braces might hold for them.

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