Temporary anchorage devices, or
TADs, are basically orthodontic implants used to anchor braces. These devices are implanted in the gums at the start of treatment and removed afterwards. Not all patients need temporary anchorage devices, but those who do may get the following benefits from them.

Prevention of Unwanted Tooth Movements

Straightening teeth with braces involves pulling teeth with wires that are connected to other teeth, which act as anchors. Major movements can actually cause those anchoring teeth to move, making more corrections necessary later. Temporary anchorage devices eliminate this issue by providing separate points of anchorage.

Speeding of Treatment

By taking steps out of treatment for certain patients, these devices can make treatment shorter. The time saved can vary with the patient, but can be significant in many cases.

Elimination of Need for Headgear

Headgear has been a traditional solution to stubborn tooth movements. Today, such movements are addressed with temporary anchorage devices instead. Many patients prefer this more aesthetically pleasing and convenient method.

Eligibility is determined on an individual basis, but temporary anchorage devices are generally only used for patients who have permanent teeth, who are free of active gum disease. Patients can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist in Houston to learn more about this treatment at Antoine Dental Center.

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