Orthodontic care has numerous benefits, but there is no doubt that most patients would prefer it to work as quickly as possible. With Propel orthodontics, an innovative tool that works with all braces, patients can shorten their treatment significantly. Propel works similarly to surgeries used to speed up orthodontic care by stimulating bone restructuring, but this technology works without any invasive procedure. Here is more about the advantages of this exciting new option.


Patients choosing Propel use the portable device for just twenty minutes a day during treatment. While the device works through tiny vibrations, patients can easily read or watch television to entertain themselves.


As an alternative to surgical alveocentesis, Propel does not require incisions or a recovery period. In fact, patients may even enjoy their daily Propel sessions as tooth massages that make orthodontic care more comfortable as a whole.


Propel patients will find that their teeth are straightened much quicker with this treatment than with braces alone. For example, cases normally estimated to take two years may finish in just fifteen months, possibly even faster.

The vibrations applied to the teeth by Propel allow braces to do their job more quickly and easily. Propel keeps options open, and is designed to work with the braces patients choose. To learn more about Propel and how it works, you can contact our dentist for a consultation.

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