The cost of braces is often a factor in how patients choose their treatment. How much a patient must pay depends on the type of treatment, what is being treated, and how much treatment is needed. More about the cost of orthodontics is below.

Type of Orthodontics

Metal orthodontics is known as the most affordable option for most patients. For more discretion, patients can expect to pay more. For example, lingual and ceramic orthodontics both are more expensive than metal orthodontics. Invisalign, which uses clear aligners, is also more costly.

Amount of Treatment

More orthodontic adjustment requires not only more materials but also more appointments and labor. As a result, the total cost of treatment rises accordingly. How long treatment will take is determined on a case-by-case basis. The goals of patients also are involved in determining this aspect of cost.

Top and Bottom Orthodontics

Many patients receive both top and bottom orthodontics, but some patients prefer to have orthodontic treatment performed only on their top teeth. This makes treatment more affordable and still corrects the most visible part of the smile. This will be an option for patients with more minor bite irregularities.

Orthodontic care often includes different choices for patients, and the price of having the teeth straightened can also vary. An exam and a discussion of treatment goals and priorities, such as discretion, are valuable for deciding on the best path to take. At a consultation with our orthodontist, patients can find out what types of orthodontics will work best for them.

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