Age Limit for Braces

Many people associate braces with teenagers, and some might wonder what the age limit is for this orthodontic appliance. Age limits do exist, but they can vary with the treatment. Here is a look at some at basic limits to expect with different treatments.

No Upper Age Limit

Regardless of the type of braces, there is no limit on how old patients can be and still be candidates for braces. Whether braces are used during adolescence or after middle age, patients still gain similar improvements in appearance, comfort, and oral health. However, there are some mild differences between orthodontics during adolescence and during adulthood. Adults tend to need longer treatment time because their jaws have finished developing and are harder to mold. In some cases, longer retainer wear may also be necessary afterwards.

Lower Age Limits

In most cases, braces are used only after all baby teeth have been replaced by permanent teeth. This can vary, but the limit for boys is usually around twelve, and the limit for girls is often a year earlier. Invisalign has different age requirements. Whereas Invisalign Full is limited to adults and some older teens, Invisalign Teen is made specifically for adolescents and includes special features for these patients.

In addition to age limits, treatment needs and other factors may affect candidacy for different types of braces. An exam is necessary to confirm eligibility for specific options and determine if any other appliances are required for the desired results. At a consultation with our braces dentist, you can find out about age limits and requirements for the braces that interest you.

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