Self-ligating braces are an innovative, technologically advanced type of braces. Although they look similar to conventional braces, they use self-ligating brackets that eliminate the need for elastic ties. Conventional braces need these elastics to control the tension of the archwires. Periodically, the wires are adjusted to move the teeth.

When you haveĀ self-ligating braces, the brackets are designed to hold the archwire in place with a specially designed clip. The low-profile contour of the bracket allows the archwire to move smoothly in the clip, and during treatment, each tooth slides into place gradually. Self-ligating brackets are designed to speed treatment and improve overall comfort during the process. Both metal and ceramic self-ligating brackets are available so that you can choose the system that best fits your needs.

There are many benefits. You will need fewer appointments to make adjustments, and the improved efficiency of your braces will result in a shorter treatment time. Lower-profile brackets often equal greater oral comfort for many patients, too.

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