In life it’s best to do as the Boy Scouts do and always be prepared.

That means being prepared for any number of emergency situations. You know what to do if you’re suffering from a medical emergency, you call 911. If you’re suffering from an auto emergency, you call Triple A. But what do you do when you’re suffering from a dental emergency?

If you’re in Houston, TX, you call the Antoine Dental Center right away at 713-364-8990. We can provide you with the emergency dental care, including same-day appointments, that you need and deserve.

But in the interim, let’s get you prepared for handling different dental emergencies. In today’s post of our dental health blog, we’re going to look at six different common dental emergencies and what you can do about them. Let’s get started!

Emergency #1: Broken Teeth

Teeth can become damaged in any number of ways from an accident to a sports injury to simply to chewing on ice. If a tooth becomes broken, cracked, or chipped it’s important to make an appointment right away. If you wait too long the damage can become severe enough that your entire tooth may fall out.

During your emergency dentist appointment, we’ll perform a dental exam and take X-rays. We can then determine how to best treat the tooth. In the interim you may want to take an aspirin-free over-the-counter pain reliever if you’re suffering from any pain.

Emergency #2: Knocked-Teeth

If you can get to our office soon enough, we may be able to reinsert a knocked-out tooth. Take great care when handling the loose tooth to avoid touching any tissue which may still be attached to the tooth. You can preserve the tooth by placing it in a glass of milk or a product called Save-a-Tooth. Until you can get to our office, use a cold compress to relieve any swelling you are experiencing.

Emergency #3: Toothaches

A toothache is never something that you should ignore. Toothaches are often indicators of serious oral health problems like an infection, major cavity, or an abscess. Without the proper dental care, toothaches can become so extreme that you can’t even continue your normal everyday activities. So schedule an appointment right away so we can determine the root cause of your toothache and get you the treatment you need.

Emergency #4: Oral Pain and Fever

When oral pain is accompanied by a fever, you need to take notice. This is often a sign of an advanced infection in your tooth or severe gum disease. Once you’re in our office we can determine what’s causing your pain. If your tooth is infected you may need a root canal. We offer sedation dentistry services which can keep you comfortable during your treatment.

Emergency #5: Pain from Wisdom Teeth

Your third molars (wisdom teeth) can cause you pain for a variety of reasons. Your wisdom teeth may be crowding your other teeth and pushing them out of alignment. If your wisdom teeth have only partially emerged through your gums, they may be suffering from decay. If your wisdom teeth are impacted (not emerged from your gums) they may need be removed to prevent damage to your surrounding teeth.

Emergency #6: Swollen and/or Bleeding Gums

Bleeding and inflamed gums are often a symptom of advanced gum disease. If left untreated, advanced gum disease can cause you to loss teeth. Advanced gum disease has also been linked to serious and scary health problems such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. Make an appointment right away so we can begin treating your gum disease and get you back on the road to a healthy smile.

Make An Appointment

Are you currently experiencing a dental emergency? If so, you should make an appointment at our office right away. We offer convenient hours and same-day appointments for many dental emergencies. We even have financing available to help you pay for your emergency treatment. So don’t make any excuses, call our office right now at 713-364-8990. Your smile will thank you for it!

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