What if we were to tell you that making a little extra effort in caring for your teeth could significantly boost not just your oral health, but your overall health as well— is that something you might be interested in?

Everyone has been taught the age-old advice about brushing and flossing, but did you know that there are some other lesser-knowntips that can improve your dental care routine? As the preferred choice for many seeking Houston dentists, we are all about educating our patients—so let us just break down five dental care tips you may or may not have thought about. After this,you should be able to impress on your next visit to any one of numerous Houston dentists.

Better Oral Health In Just 5 Easy Steps

In just five steps? Yes, you heard that right, just follow these five steps to be on your way to better breath, whiter teeth, a healthier smile and a lower chance for gum and heart disease. Yes, heart disease—gum disease can actually increase your risk of a heart attack. Several studies have concluded that gum disease significantly increases chances that a person will develop heart disease. Do we have your attention now? Good, then read on:

Mouthwash: You’re Doing It All Wrong

Even though most people brush their teeth, then follow up with mouthwash, they are doing it all wrong. Using mouthwash after brushing your teeth actually removes valuable fluoride from the toothpaste. This essentially cancels out most of the brushing you just did. Instead, think of the mouthwash like a pre-rinse for your mouth. A swish of mouthwash before brushing can help loosen particles and plaque, making brushing even more effective. When all is said and done your mouth will be fresher and cleaner.

Choose The Right Toothpaste: Yes, It DOES Matter.

Just because a company makes a substance, puts it in the familiar shaped tube and labels it toothpaste doesn’t mean it’s all that great for you. With so many types and brands of toothpaste to choose from, we understand this can be frustrating, so we’ll make it easy.

Read The Label And Avoid Toothpaste With These Two Ingredients Listed:

Food Coloring – Artificial food coloring is added to some toothpaste for nothing more than visual appeal. However,the food coloring, while FDA cleared for food doesn’t mean it’s beneficial. It’s still a foreign, artificial substance you are ingesting and has absolutely zero benefitsfor your teeth.

Artificial Sweetener –Sounds counter-productive, doesn’tit? Adding sweetener to toothpaste— the alarming fact is, artificial sweeteners have a direct correlation to allergies, headaches, digestive issues and other problems. So skip the bubble gum flavored toothpaste and do you and your body a favor. We personally like and use ProNamel by Sensodyne®. It’s a no gimmick toothpaste that isn’t full of dyes or sweeteners and really does a great job cleaning teeth.

Brush Your Tongue

The tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the human body—it also is strong in breath odor, so we’ve got to do something about that. Most people know that bacteria love to congregate around your gums and teeth but where do you think they come from? A majority of bacteria from leftover food or other sources set up campon or near the back of your tongue. Yes, we know the toothbrush down the throat makes you gag— but the benefit totally outweighs the inconvenience.

By brushing your tongue for just a few quick seconds you make a huge dent in the numberof bacteria and plaque in your mouth. So brush your tongue, rinse with mouthwash, the brush away the excess and keep your breath smelling fresh and healthy!


Better Diet, Better Smile

Speaking of healthy—how’s your diet? Chances areif your diet can be read in most drive-thru windows; your teeth are suffering, your breath is too, and so are the people you speak to in person. A healthy diet not only keeps your heart health up, your waistline down and your vitals in check—but it also helps your oral health immensely. For example, avoiding simple starches and sugars is the best way to prevent tooth decay, diabetes, andcavities. Aim for fruits and veggies that are loaded with nutrients and antioxidantsthat help your body fight infection inflammation. These fruits and veggies will keep the calcium in your teeth strong and the color bright white.


Keep Your Dental Care Tools Close

This one is admittedly a no-brainer, but —if your dental care products are nearby, chances are you will be more likely to use them. Keep your toothpaste, floss, and other equipment stocked on bathroom shelves or in the medicine cabinet. If traveling, it’s never out of style to bring your own mini floss brushes or floss pickers.

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