Good dental care starts at a young age, but kids often don’t understand the importance of preventative care or child dentistry. As a parent, there are a few dental care tips that can help you instill good behavior in your children and help them develop strong, healthy teeth. Here are five ways you can make oral care easier for your kids.

1. Teach them good habits.
It’s important that children learn the right way to care for their teeth before they have a chance to learn it the wrong way. Be sure that your children know the correct techniques for brushing and flossing their teeth so that they get the most out of their oral care routine.

2. Make brushing fun.
Make brushing and flossing feel less like a chore for your kids by making it fun! Try giving them little incentives to brush and floss each day, or turn it into a fun game. If your children want to brush and floss, they’ll be much more likely to keep up with it.

3. Give them input.
Your children might enjoy taking care of their teeth more if you let them have some say in the process. Letting them choose their toothpaste flavor or a toothbrush they like helps make brushing their teeth more enjoyable.

4. Set an example.
Your kids look up to you, so it’s important that you demonstrate enthusiasm about your own oral health routine. Show your kids that you like to brush and floss, and they’ll start to see it as something to look forward to!

5. Talk up the dentist.
Many people dread going to the dentist, and it’s a fear that starts at a young age. But your child’s professional dental care experience doesn’t have to be scary. Be sure to use positive language before your child’s regular dental visits to help make the dentist trip much easier for everyone.

While children might not understand right away the importance of good dental care, you can still help them learn ways to care for their teeth that they’ll use the rest of their lives. By starting young, you’re setting your kids up for a lifetime of dental success.

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