If you are living with dentures you hate or without teeth altogether, you are not alone. We meet patients everyday who are tired of hating the way they look, not being able to eat the foods they love, and constantly worrying about their teeth.

The team at the Antoine Dental Center in Houston, TX is happy to offer patients like this — and like you — the opportunity to experience a life-changing procedure. Dental implants can help you gain back what you’ve lost! Let’s talk about five wonderful reasons to consider dental implants as your tooth replacement option.

Reason #1: Dental implants will allow you to eat whatever you want.

Did you know that dental implants are the only comprehensive tooth replacement option that will restore almost 100 percent of your natural chewing power? While fixed bridges will certainly restore your functionality, they are only useful if you are missing only one or a few teeth. If you are missing more than a few or even a mouthful, dental implants are the way to go.

Removable dentures just won’t give you the strength you need to each food items like steak, corn on the cob, or crisp fruits and vegetables. If you are looking for the most realistic tooth replacement option in terms of functionality, dental implants are the definitely the solution for you. We can help you return to a life that is full of the foods you love most.

Reason #2: Dental implants will help you look your best.

Our dental implants are loaded with customized replacement teeth that are designed to your color, size, and shape specifications. We want you to look great — our replacement teeth are designed to appear as natural as possible in your mouth.

Removable dentures sometimes struggle in this area due to their very nature — they aren’t a permanent part of your mouth. Dental implants are placed directly into your gums to offer the most strength possible, but also to offer the most realistic appearance.

Reason #3: Dental implants will help you stay healthy.

Removable dentures require you to take the dentures out of your mouth, clean them with a special product, and clean the rest of your mouth separately, before returning your teeth to your mouth. Dental implants allow you to clean your teeth right where they belong — in your mouth. This actually makes them easier to keep clean and reduces the risk for gum disease. Dental implants are great for helping to maintain a healthy smile.

They also reduce the risk of jawbone deterioration. When teeth are missing from their sockets in your jaw, the surrounding bone tissue begins to deteriorate. Removable dentures do not prevent this process. When you choose dental implants, you are electing to place prosthetic tooth roots into your jaw, effectively halting this process. This is just another great way implants can help you maintain a healthy smile for life.

Reason #4: Dental implants offer a variety of tooth replacement options.

We offer numerous dental implants solutions here at the Antoine Dental Center. Whether you are missing one tooth or a mouthful, we have you covered. We offer traditional single implant placements, All-on-4 and All-on-6 procedures, and Teeth in a Day. Depending on your needs, we can find a dental implant solution that will work for you. Talk to our team about these options and how they can help you achieve the beautiful, functional smile you deserve.

Reason #5: Dental implants will improve your confidence.

Want to have the confidence to smile, eat, talk, and laugh without worry once again? Dental implants can help. When you can eat the foods you love and smile confidently without fear of your dentures popping out or without the embarrassment of having no teeth, you’ll be able to give all the credit to your dental implants. We understand that feeling great about your smile is important — we want you to have the most natural-looking, reliable smile possible.

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