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Our Services

We Create Smiles That Last

At Antoine Dental in Houston we provide several preventive and restorative treatments for patients.

We are proud to offer orthodontics to improve your bite and give you a more attractive smile.

Our dental bridges in Houston, TX are designed to be stable, durable and natural-looking, making them a great investment for repairing your smile.

Proudly offering dental implants in Houston for patients with missing teeth or teeth that need to be replaced once extracted.

Our premium, natural-looking dentures can give you the ability to chew and speak again.

Dr. Nazari and his associates provide root canal treatment for patients that suffer from frequent pain and infection in their tooth.


Together, our doctors have over 50+ years of experience in dentistry. When you come to Antoine Dental, you’re always in good hands. All of the services that we offer our patients are performed in-house, without the need for referrals. We stay up to date with the latest dental equipment and have only the best in dental technology, in other words, your treatment is always safe, comfortable, and effective!

Meet DR. NAZARI AND The Specialist team

Dr. Nazari teaches that oral health is best facilitated with comprehensive preventative care. He believes it is never too late for a healthy, beautiful smile.

DR. Sanjar Naderi


Dr. Behzad Nazari

DDS, RPh (Founder)

Dr. Wael Kanaan




Let us be your reason to smile! Don't let just any dentist handle your smile. Read Dr. Nazari's book and learn what sets us apart. Are you ready for your million dollar smile?